If God created the whole of the world, then God created the inner city just as much as the beautiful valley. But to affirm this is not to reject the beauty of the countryside. We are twinned with the tiny Baptist community at Hawkshead Hill in the Lake District. Coming home from a visit there one Sunday afternoon, one of our number was almost in tears as he joyfully reported that this was the first time his toddler had ever seen a sheep.

We all need some beauty in our lives.

  1. Bullet    A Butterfly Wing.pdf                          Opening Prayer

  2. Bullet    A Sensual Prayer of Approach.pdf    Opening Prayer

  3. Bullet    Ages of a River.pdf                            Opening Prayer

  4. Bullet    Beneath the Dark Earth.pdf               Eucharist

  5. Bullet    Carry Out Eucharist.pdfEucharist

  6. Bullet    Chicken or Egg.pdf                            Opening Prayer

  7. Bullet    Dancing In The Desert.pdf                 Eucharist

  8. Bullet    Dandelions Break Through Concrete.pdfOpening Prayer

  9. Bullet    David's Garden.pdf                            Opening Prayer/ Reflection

  10. Bullet    Delighting in God.pdf                         Opening Prayer

  11. Bullet    Desert Blessing.pdf                           Blessing

  12. Bullet    Elemental Blessing.pdf                      Blessing

  13. Bullet    Environmental Intercessions.pdfIntercession

  14. Bullet    Evolutionary Creation.pdfOpening Prayer/ Reflection

  15. Bullet    Extravagance.pdf                              Call to Worship

  16. Bullet    Fragile Earth Eucharist.pdf                Eucharist

  17. Bullet    Galaxies and DNA.pdf                       Opening Prayer

  18. Bullet    Garden and Desert.pdf                      Opening Prayer

  19. Bullet    Green Tomatoes.pdf Reflection

  20. Bullet    Higgs Boson particle Accelerator.pdf Opening Prayer

  21. Bullet    Raven Steals the Light.pdf                Eucharist

  22. Bullet    Scap Heap Of Life.pdfEucharist

  23. Bullet    Seeds Of God's Love.pdfBlessing

  24. Bullet    Sense God's World.pdf                     Opening Prayer

  25. Bullet    Serpents And Skyscrapers.pdfOpening Prayer

  26. Bullet    Sowing Seeds.pdf                             Opening Prayer

  27. Bullet    Tread The Earth Gently.pdf              Blessing

  28. Bullet    Urban Harvest.pdf                            Opening Prayer

  29. Bullet    Watery Praise.pdfOpening Prayer

  30. Bullet    When Worlds Collide.pdfEucharist/ Reflection

  31. Bullet    Wisdom Is Spun.pdfEucharist