We are unusual for a Baptist church in that we celebrate the Eucharist whenever we gather together to worship. In the broken body of Christ we see self-giving love and in the spilled blood we see the promise of hope. This is the central myth of our faith. The images speak far louder than words ever can.

So you may wonder why we surround them with words each week! Have a look at these eucharistic prayers and you might find some sort of answer.

  1. Bullet    123.pdf                    

  2. Bullet    A Last Supper.pdf   

  3. Bullet    Abraham and Isaac .pdf       

  4. Bullet    Acrostic Eucharist.pdf     

  5. Bullet    Advent Crumbs Eucharist.pdf   

  6. Bullet    All Age Penguins Eucharist.pdf

  7. Bullet    Are We Nearly There Yet?.pdf

  8. Bullet    Autumn Crumb of Hope.pdf

  9. Bullet    Awards for all.pdf

  10. Bullet    Back To School.pdf

  11. Bullet    Beatitudes Eucharist.pdf

  12. Bullet    Beneath the Dark Earth.pdf

  13. Bullet    Biblical Soap Opera.pdf

  14. Bullet    Birthed Into Chaos.pdf

  15. Bullet    Carry Out Eucharist.pdf

  16. Bullet    Child Centred Eucharist.pdf

  17. Bullet    Chocolate Cake Eucharist.pdf

  18. Bullet    Christmas Eve Eucharist.pdf

  19. Bullet    Christmas Men.pdf

  20. Bullet    Clearing Out The Clutter.pdf

  21. Bullet    Crimson Tears.pdf

  22. Bullet    Crumbs Under The Table.pdf

  23. Bullet    Dancing In The Desert.pdf

  24. Bullet    Even in Eccles.pdf

  25. Bullet    Eucharist for Maundy Thursday.pdf

  26. Bullet    Eucharist For Thomas.pdf

  27. Bullet    Exclusive Eucharist.pdf

  28. Bullet    Fifteen Minutes.pdf

  29. Bullet    Fishing Eucharist.pdf

  30. Bullet    Flowers in the Desert.pdf

  31. Bullet    For Everything There Is A Season.pdf

  32. Bullet    Fragile Earth Eucharist.pdf

  33. Bullet    Growing Up.pdf

  34. Bullet    Grumpy Old Church.pdf

  35. Bullet    Happy Easter.pdf

  36. Bullet    Hem Of His Garment.pdf

  37. Bullet    Human Rights Eucharist.pdf

  38. Bullet    I Wonder.pdf

  39. Bullet    Joseph's Technicolour Eucharist.pdf

  40. Bullet    Journeying With Ruth and Naomi.pdf

  41. Bullet    Lenten Flowers In  The Desert.pdf

  42. Bullet    Light A Candle.pdf

  43. Bullet    Longing For Rainbows.pdf

  44. Bullet    March Of The Penguins.pdf

  45. Bullet    Mother's Day.pdf

  46. Bullet    Mustard Seed.pdf

  47. Bullet    My Eucharist For Christmas Eve.pdf

  48. Bullet    Naming Eucharist.pdf

  49. Bullet    The Network Eucharist.pdf

  50. Bullet    Not For Sale.pdf

  51. Bullet    One Story.pdf

  52. Bullet    Palm Sunday Euch.pdf

  53. Bullet    People Before Things.pdf

  54. Bullet    Picnic Eucharist.pdf

  55. Bullet    Potential.pdf

  56. Bullet    Raven Steals the Light.pdf

  57. Bullet    Ready For The Storm.pdf

  58. Bullet    Reclaiming The Darkness.pdf

  59. Bullet    Reclaiming The Light.pdf

  60. Bullet    Roman Coin.pdf

  61. Bullet    Scap Heap Of Life.pdf

  62. Bullet    Seeds.pdf

  63. Bullet    Sharing Stories Eucharist.pdf

  64. Bullet    Simon Peter.pdf

  65. Bullet    Snow In The Air.pdf

  66. Bullet    Something Beautiful.pdf

  67. Bullet    Song Of The Vineyard (Greek Fires).pdf

  68. Bullet    Song of the Vineyard (Katrina).pdf

  69. Bullet    Spinach Eucharist.pdf

  70. Bullet    Summer In The City Eucharist.pdf

  71. Bullet    Taking A Risk.pdf

  72. Bullet    Taking Off Our Shoes.pdf

  73. Bullet    The Day Of The Lord.pdf

  74. Bullet    The Lion Sits With The Lamb.pdf

  75. Bullet    The Rain.pdf

  76. Bullet    The Stones Cry Out.pdf

  77. Bullet    The Wind Whispers Our Name Eucharist.pdf

  78. Bullet    This Is My Son.pdf

  79. Bullet    Three Wise Hippies.pdf

  80. Bullet    Treasure Hunt Eucharist.pdf

  81. Bullet    UE Communion.pdf

  82. Bullet    Urban Celebration.pdf

  83. Bullet    Visions Of Angels Eucharist.pdf

  84. Bullet    Walk On.pdf

  85. Bullet    Wedding At Cana Eucharist.pdf

  86. Bullet    What Can I Give.pdf

  87. Bullet    What Did Jesus Say Eucharist.pdf

  88. Bullet    What If.pdf

  89. Bullet    What Is Peace.pdf

  90. Bullet    What We Build Our Lives Upon.pdf

  91. Bullet    When Worlds Collide.pdf

  92. Bullet    Who Is My Neighbour.pdf

  93. Bullet    Widow's Mite Remembrance Eucharist.pdf

  94. Bullet    Wisdom Is Spun.pdf

  95. Bullet    Wisdom Sits Alone.pdf

  96. Bullet    Wisdom's Eucharist.pdf