I’m not sure whether this can be called a genre or not. But leaving that aside, many of our prayers grow out of our reflections on contemporary culture. You may find references to songs, novels, films or TV programmes elsewhere on the site as well - but these are reflections which we couldn’t quite pin down to any other genre. And, in case you’re wondering, Joel and Beth are dressed as Dr Who and Rose Tyler.

  1. Bullet    A Blessing On Both Your Houses.pdf

  2. Bullet    Advertising Blessing.pdf

  3. Bullet    All That We Can't Leave Behind.pdf                    

  4. Bullet    Ancient Well.pdf                     

  5. Bullet    Beautiful Neighbourhood.pdf

  6. Bullet    March Of The Penguins.pdf

  7. Bullet    Ready For The Storm.pdf

  8. Bullet    Something Beautiful.pdf

  9. Bullet    Stories From  Distant Places.pdf

  10. Bullet    The Purple Tent.pdf

  11. Bullet    The Times They Are A Changin.pdf

  12. Bullet    Time And Space Gathering.pdf

  13. Bullet    Visions Of Angels Eucharist.pdf

  14. Bullet    You Are Worth It.pdf


Reflections on Film, TV and Music