We have always hoped that both Openshaw Connection and Dancing Scarecrow would be dialogue between those of us who live and work in Openshaw and the wider church community. This is beginning to happen, albeit in a small way.

A number of folk have now asked - or allowed - us to publish their material on Dancing Scarecrow. You will find it categorised by Theme, Genre etc, but we thought it right to highlight their contributions here.

If you have any worship materials which you would like to share with a wider audience, please get in touch with us using the Contact Us page.

We will always acknowledge copyright - but assume that if you submit material for publication on Dancing Scarecrow, you are happy for it to be used on the same basis as our own material. See the Copyright page for details.

  1. Bullet    Births, Deaths, BenefitCaps.pdfOpening Prayer

  2. Bullet    Even in Eccles.pdfEucharist

  3. Bullet    Give Voice - Docker.pdf                        Song

  4. Bullet    God's Spirit.pdfEucharist

  5. Bullet    My Eucharist For Christmas Eve.pdfEucharist

  6. Bullet    Pocket liturgies - Goodliff.pdf        Dramatic Readings/ Reflections

  7. Bullet    Retail Therapy.pdfReflection

  8. Bullet    Scout Prayers.pdf            Various genres

  9. Bullet    Seer Green-Roberts.pdf                        Encompassing/ Opening Prayer

  10. Bullet    Towards the City - Docker.pdfSong

  11. Bullet    UEBlessings.pdfBlessings

  12. Bullet    Voice from Heaven - Morton.pdfReflection

  13. Bullet    Wilderness Song - MWoods.pdf Song