I once decided to challenge the congregation about their images of God. I chose the Iona Community’s beautiful “Enemy of Apathy” - a song which uses a female pronoun for the Holy Spirit. Then invited the congregation to discuss the song instead of preparing a sermon.

They were completely unimpressed with my radicalness. It had not occurred to them that God could be captured in a single metaphor. One elderly saint summed up the conversation:

“Well, of course, God’s not a man is he?”

Why does so much Christian liturgy and worship assume that God is a victorious (white, heterosexual) male monarch?

  1. Bullet    Aspects Of Trinity.pdfOpening Prayer/ Reflection

  2. Bullet    Carpenter Who Teaches Us To Fish.pdf    Intercession

  3. Bullet    Cloud And Fire.pdfOpening Prayer

  4. Bullet    Epiphany Dancing Story.pdfDancing Story

  5. Bullet    Foundations Blessing.pdfBlessing

  6. Bullet    Fragile Earth Eucharist.pdfEucharist

  7. Bullet    God Calls To Us.pdfCall to Worship

  8. Bullet    God of Surprise.pdfOpening Prayer

  9. Bullet    God Of Then, Now And Forever.pdfOpening Prayer

  10. Bullet    Gods Presence Denied.pdfConfession

  11. Bullet    Gods Presence.pdfOpening Prayer/ Blessing

  12. Bullet    God's Hands.pdfCall to Worship

  13. Bullet    God Who Travels On The 219 Bus.pdfOpening Prayer

  14. Bullet    Holy Ground.pdf Call to Worship

  15. Bullet    How Can We Claim.pdf                    Opening Prayer

  16. Bullet    I Am Not So Sure About Blessing.pdf  Blessing

  17. Bullet    Isaac's Prayer.pdf    Call to Worship/ Opening Prayer

  18. Bullet    Let Us look For God.pdf                       Opening Prayer

  19. Bullet    Living And Loving.pdfOpening Prayer

  20. Bullet    Lost Coin Blessing.pdfBlessing

  21. Bullet    My Eucharist For Christmas Eve.pdf  Eucharist

  22. Bullet    Manger God.pdf Opening Prayer

  23. Bullet    My Beloved.pdfEucharist

  24. Bullet    Mysterious God.pdfOpening Prayer

  25. Bullet    Naming Eucharist.pdfEucharist

  26. Bullet    Ode To The Spirit.pdfPoem

  27. Bullet    Ode To Wisdom.pdfPoem/ Opening Prayer

  28. Bullet    One Of Us.pdfBlessing

  29. Bullet    Picnic Eucharist.pdfEucharist

  30. Bullet    Prayer Before An iPhone.pdfConfession

  31. Bullet    Proverbs and Parables Blessing.pdfBlessing

  32. Bullet    Rainbow God.pdfOpening Prayer

  33. Bullet    Searching.pdfOpening Prayer

  34. Bullet    Searching For Jesus.pdf Opening Prayer

  35. Bullet    Shepherding God.pdfOpening Prayer

  36. Bullet    Sophia.pdfBlessing

  37. Bullet    Spirit Of the Four Winds.pdfOpening Prayer

  38. Bullet    Star Wars Reflection On Ascension.pdf    Reflection

  39. Bullet    Stories From  Distant Places.pdfPoem

  40. Bullet    Storytelling Blessing.pdfBlessing

  41. Bullet    Taking Off Our Shoes.pdf  Eucharist

  42. Bullet    The Smile On God's Face.pdfBlessing

  43. Bullet    The Wind Whispers Our Name Eucharist.pdfEucharist

  44. Bullet    The Wind Whispers Our Name.pdfOpening Prayer

  45. Bullet    The Wonder Of Epiphany.pdfCall to Worship

  46. Bullet    Visions Of Angels Eucharist.pdfEucharist

  47. Bullet    What Is Wisdom.pdfOpening Prayer

  48. Bullet    Who Do We Worship.pdfOpening Prayer

  49. Bullet    Who Do You Say I Am.pdfPoem

  50. Bullet    Why Do You Stand Staring at the Sky.pdfEucharist

  51. Bullet    Wisdom's Eucharist.pdfEucharist

  52. Bullet    Your Silence Speaks.pdfOpening Prayer


Images of God