Everyone needs one. Whether it is the cupboard under the stairs, or just the kitchen drawer - or, in my case, my desk. Somewhere to dump all those things that you haven’t got a home for!

Justice, Peace and the Integrity of Creation is a term which was developed by the World Council of Churches. Other terms might be Shalom, the Promised Land or (to use language which we are told Jesus was comfortable with, but which we tend to shun), the Kingdom of Heaven!


  1. Bullet    A Butterfly Wing.pdfOpening Prayer

  2. Bullet    A Simple Path.pdf                               Call to Worship

  3. Bullet    Ancient Well.pdf                                 Intercession

  4. Bullet    Beatitudes Eucharist.pdfEucharist

  5. Bullet    Births, Deaths, BenefitCaps.pdfOpening Prayer

  6. Bullet    Blessing For Remembrance Sunday.pdf    Blessing

  7. Bullet    Call To Speak.pdfCall to Worship

  8. Bullet    Carol Blessing.pdf                               Blessing

  9. Bullet    Carry Out Eucharist.pdfEucharist

  10. Bullet    Changing The World Blessing.pdfBlessing

  11. Bullet    Changing The World Eucharist.pdfEucharist

  12. Bullet    Crumbs Under The Table.pdfEucharist

  13. Bullet    Dancing In The Desert.pdf                  Eucharist

  14. Bullet    Extravagance.pdf                                Call to Worship

  15. Bullet    Faith and Politics.pdf                          Opening Prayer

  16. Bullet    Fragile Earth Eucharist.pdf                 Eucharist

  17. Bullet    Freedom, Justice And Peace Prayer.pdf    Intercession

  18. Bullet    Freedom, Justice And Peace.pdfBlessing

  19. Bullet    Gaia.pdf                                              Opening Prayer

  20. Bullet    Galaxies and DNA.pdf                        Opening Prayer

  21. Bullet    God's Call To Humanity.pdfCall to Worship

  22. Bullet    Homeless Blessing.pdf    Blessing

  23. Bullet    Homeless Intercessions.pdfIntercessions

  24. Bullet    Human Rights Confession.pdfOpening Prayer/ Confession

  25. Bullet    Human Rights Eucharist.pdfEucharist

  26. Bullet    How Long.pdfPsalm of Lament

  27. Bullet    Lenten Flowers In The Desert.pdf      Eucharist

  28. Bullet    Imagine.pdf    Opening Prayer

  29. Bullet    Naboth's Vineyard.pdf            Opening Prayer

  30. Bullet    The Network Eucharist.pdfEucharist

  31. Bullet    News at Ten.pdf                                  Intercession

  32. Bullet    No Room At The Inn.pdfOpening Prayer

  33. Bullet    Not For Sale.pdf                                 Eucharist

  34. Bullet    Offertory Pause For Thought.pdfOffertory Prayer

  35. Bullet    One Story.pdfEucharist

  36. Bullet    Peace Blessing.pdfBlessing

  37. Bullet    People We Encounter.pdfIntercession

  38. Bullet    People Before Things.pdfEucharist

  39. Bullet    Real Life Worship.pdf                         Call to Worship

  40. Bullet    Recycling God.pdf                             Call to Worship

  41. Bullet    Recycling.pdf                                      Opening Prayer

  42. Bullet    Roman Coin.pdfEucharist

  43. Bullet    Scap Heap Of Life.pdfEucharist

  44. Bullet    Small parables.pdf                              Call to Worship

  45. Bullet    Song Of The Vineyard (Greek Fires).pdf    Eucharist

  46. Bullet    Song of the Vineyard (Katrina).pdfEucharist

  47. Bullet    Teddy Bear Blessing.pdf

  48. Bullet    The Day Of The Lord.pdf                    Call to Worship

  49. Bullet    The Stones Cry Out For Justice.pdfIntercession

  50. Bullet    The Stones Cry Out.pdfEucharist

  51. Bullet    The Times They Are A Changin.pdf   Call to Worship

  52. Bullet    Tread The Earth Gently.pdf                Intercession

  53. Bullet    Urban Harvest.pdf                              Opening Prayer

  54. Bullet    Wedding At Cana Eucharist.pdfEucharist

  55. Bullet    Wedding At Cana.pdfOpening Prayer/ Intercession

  56. Bullet    What Do We Do When We Worship.pdf Opening Prayer/ Call to Worship

  57. Bullet    What Is Peace.pdfEucharist

  58. Bullet    What We Build Our Lives Upon.pdfEucharist

  59. Bullet    Where Christ is Still Tortured.pdfOpening Prayer/ Confession

  60. Bullet    Wisdom's Call.pdf                               Opening Prayer


Justice, Peace and the Integrity of Creation