Why are we afraid of the dark? We always imagine the scary things we can’t see to be hiding in the dark. But darkness is also snuggling under the duvet on a winter’s morning. Darkness is the womb out of which we emerge. Darkness is the mystery out of which God speaks.

  1. Bullet    Arise Shine.pdf                                   Opening Prayer

  2. Bullet    Beneath the Dark Earth.pdfEucharist

  3. Bullet    Dancing In Light.pdfCall to Worship

  4. Bullet    Darkness and Light.pdfCall to Worship

  5. Bullet    Darkness Blessing.pdfBlessing

  6. Bullet    God who resides in darkness.pdfCall to Worship

  7. Bullet    Reclaiming The Darkness.pdfEucharist

  8. Bullet    Reclaiming The Light.pdfEucharist

  9. Bullet    Starlight Blessing.pdfBlessing

  10. Bullet    You Don't Need To Fear The Darkness.pdfSong


Light and Dark