It’s probably a bit naughty of me to include this photograph of my daughter, Beth as a baby.

Quite a lot of our worship materials express thoughts - and doubts - about our faith in a way which, if we were to spell them out in prose would shock and even anger some people.

In playful language, in poetry, we can gently ask questions; open-ended questions which allow the reader/ hearer to make up their own answers

Mind you, some of these are just silly!

  1. Bullet    A Donkey's Plod.pdfCall to Worship

  2. Bullet    A Manchester Proverb.pdfOpening Prayer

  3. Bullet    Acrostic Eucharist.pdfEucharist

  4. Bullet    Acrostic Praise.pdfOpening Prayer

  5. Bullet    All Age Penguins Eucharist.pdfEucharist

  6. Bullet    An Awfully Big Adventure.pdfOpening Prayer

  7. Bullet    Awards for all.pdfEucharist

  8. Bullet    Breakfast Invitation.pdfCall to Worship

  9. Bullet    Child Centred Eucharist.pdf    Eucharist

  10. Bullet    Child's Call To Worship.pdfCall to Worship

  11. Bullet    Chocolate Cake Eucharist.pdfEucharist

  12. Bullet    Dancing Scarecrow.pdfOpening Prayer

  13. Bullet    Emoticon Prayer.pdf                              Opening Prayer

  14. Bullet    Glastonbury Poemprayer.pdfOpening Prayer/ Poetry

  15. Bullet    I Want to Go Home.pdfCall to Worship

  16. Bullet    Isaac's Prayer.pdfCall to Worship/ Opening Prayer

  17. Bullet    Kite Blessing.pdfBlessing

  18. Bullet    Litany Of The Palms.pdfLitany

  19. Bullet    Love In Action.pdfOpening Prayer

  20. Bullet    Love Rains Down.pdfOpening Prayer

  21. Bullet    Mother's Day.pdfEucharist

  22. Bullet    Punching The Sky.pdfCall to Worship

  23. Bullet    Rainbow Acrostic.pdfIntercession

  24. Bullet    Raven Steals the Light.pdf Eucharist

  25. Bullet    Spinach Eucharist.pdfEucharist

  26. Bullet    St Idas Blessing.pdfBlessing

  27. Bullet    St Nicolas Intercessions.pdfIntercession

  28. Bullet    Star Wars Reflection On Ascension.pdfReflection

  29. Bullet    Teddy Bear Blessing.pdf

  30. Bullet    The Rain.pdfEucharist

  31. Bullet    Three Wise Hippies.pdfEucharist

  32. Bullet    Treasure Hunt Eucharist.pdfEucharist