A poem speaks beyond the words with which it is crafted. A poem addresses that which is beyond the limitations of the intellect.

The boundary between poetry and prayer is by no means clear. All of these have been used in worship, but defy easy categorisation as ‘prayers.’

  1. Bullet    BoftheBang.pdf                    

  2. Bullet    David's Garden.pdf         

  3. Bullet    Glastonbury Poemprayer.pdf   

  4. Bullet    Graveyard Of Hopes.pdf       

  5. Bullet    Green Tomatoes.pdf

  6. Bullet    News at Ten.pdf

  7. Bullet    Ode To Wisdom.pdf

  8. Bullet    Song Of Songs For Openshaw.pdf

  9. Bullet    Spinach Eucharist.pdf

  10. Bullet    Stories From  Distant Places.pdf

  11. Bullet    Summer In The City.pdf

  12. Bullet    What If.pdf

  13. Bullet    What Is Wisdom.pdf

  14. Bullet    Who Do You Say I Am.pdf