Lord, as we rise to leave this shell of worship,

Called to the risk of unprotected living,

Willing to be at one with all your people,

We ask for courage.

        Fred Kaan (1929–)

It may seem perverse to quote a line about “unprotected living” to illustrate a section on protection! But I think Fred Kaan would understand. Living on the edge, as we do, it would be tempting to curl up under the duvet and dream of security.

We believe, though, that we are called to take risks for God.

The knowledge that God’s arms are always around us - especially when we can’t feel them - enables us to take those risks.

  1. Bullet    A Caim Prayer.pdf                       Blessing

  2. Bullet    A Lorica Prayer.pdf                            Opening Prayer

  3. Bullet    Child Centred Eucharist.pdfEucharist

  4. Bullet    Daring Blessing.pdf                         Blessing

  5. Bullet    Encompassing Prayer.pdf                 Call to Worship

  6. Bullet    God's Hands.pdf

  7. Bullet    Identity And Security.pdfOpening Prayer

  8. Bullet    Invocation Of The trinity.pdfOpening Prayer

  9. Bullet    Jesus' Prayer For His  Disciples.pdfOpening Prayer

  10. Bullet    Protection Blessing.pdfBlessing

  11. Bullet    Ready For The Storm.pdfEucharist

  12. Bullet    Sheep Blessing.pdfBlessing

  13. Bullet    Taking A Risk.pdf                             Eucharist

  14. Bullet    Up-Hug Blessing.pdfBlessing

  15. Bullet    When The Going Gets Tough.pdfOpening Prayer

  16. Bullet    You Are With Us.pdfSong