Reconciliation is one of those things we are all supposed to want. No one is ever going to say that breaking down the barriers between us is a bad thing.

Sometimes though, there is a Christian tendency simply to pretend that the barriers don’t exist.

In countries such as El Salvador and South Africa, they have begun the process of reconciliation by holding a “Truth and Reconciliation Commission.” Before there can be reconciliation, there needs to be a recognition of the things which divide us.

  1. Bullet    7th July.pdf                                        Opening Prayer

  2. Bullet    A Last Supper.pdfEucharist

  3. Bullet    A Tale Of Two Houses.pdfReflection

  4. Bullet    Abraham Sarah and Hagar.pdf         Blessing

  5. Bullet    Crimson Tears.pdfEucharist

  6. Bullet    Dear God....pdfOpening Prayer

  7. Bullet    Freedom Blessing.pdfBlessing

  8. Bullet    Healing Tears.pdfIntercession



We pray for peace,

but not the easy peace

built on complacency

and not the truth of God;

we pray for real peace,

the peace God’s love alone can seal.

                    Alan Gaunt (1935–)