We rarely do sermons. It seems an inappropriate medium when there are only a handful of people present. But sometimes we do offer our own thoughts, frequently in a poetic way. What we call reflections here are not exactly prayers, not exactly sermons and not exactly poems.

  1. Bullet    7th July.pdf                    

  2. Bullet    A Tale Of Two Houses.pdf              

  3. Bullet    Crimson Tears.pdf 

  4. Bullet    Crumbs Under The Table.pdf    

  5. Bullet    David's Garden.pdf

  6. Bullet    Evolutionary Creation.pdf

  7. Bullet    Green Tomatoes.pdf

  8. Bullet    Healing Tears.pdf

  9. Bullet    Hem Of His Garment.pdf

  10. Bullet    News at Ten.pdf

  11. Bullet    Pocket liturgies - Goodliff.pdf

  12. Bullet    Retail Therapy.pdf

  13. Bullet    Star Wars Reflection On Ascension.pdf

  14. Bullet    The Wind Whispers Our Name.pdf

  15. Bullet    Voice from Heaven - Morton.pdf

  16. Bullet    What Is Wisdom.pdf

  17. Bullet    When Worlds Collide.pdf