Clare and I both trained at Northern Baptist College. An integral part of the training when we were there was what was known as the Monday Programme - a kind of introduction to what could rather grandly be called Theological Reflection.

The reflecting was done around one of the tutor’s kitchen table - or later in Clare’s front room! But before you can reflect theologically upon the presence of God in the world, you need to learn to see God. So the Monday programme was an attempt to engage students in the world around them, to develop the techniques of understanding the world in which they live and to ask the hard ‘God-questions.’

Almost everything we have ever written could fit into this category, it has become so much a part of who we are. We found ourselves on a long train journey the other day and quickly found that we were looking out of the window at the communities which flashed by and asking ourselves God-questions about them.

Here we have selected just those prayers which are most obviously about seeing God in the world around us.

  1. Bullet    Awe And wonder Blessing.pdfBlessing

  2. Bullet    Blackpool Blessing.pdf                          Blessing

  3. Bullet    Dancing In The Desert.pdf                    Eucharist

  4. Bullet    Dandelions Break Through Concrete.pdfOpening Prayer

  5. Bullet    Everyday Miracles.pdfOpening Prayer

  6. Bullet    Fifteen Minutes.pdfEucharist

  7. Bullet    Gods Presence.pdfOpening Prayer/ Blessing

  8. Bullet    Living In The moment.pdfBlessing

  9. Bullet    Prayer Walk.pdfPrayer Walk

  10. Bullet    Seaside God.pdfOpening Prayer

  11. Bullet    Sense God's World.pdfOpening Prayer

  12. Bullet    Sun Over The City.pdfOpening Prayer   

  13. Bullet    The Good Samaritan.pdf

  14. Bullet    The Openshaw Jerusalem.pdfSong

  15. Bullet    The Stones Cry Out For Justice.pdfIntercession

  16. Bullet    The Stones Cry Out.pdfEucharist

  17. Bullet    The Wind Whispers Our Name Eucharist.pdfEucharist

  18. Bullet    The Wind Whispers Our Name.pdfOpening Prayer