I react emotionally to music. A song has the power to move me to tears - or even to get me out of my seat and dancing, which, if any of you have ever seen me dance, is not a pretty sight. A song can lead me to rage, or calm me when I am stressed.

I am rarely more angry than when the “music industry” trample with heavy feet upon something as precious to me as music.

Songs are not a commodity to be mass produced in the service of global capitalism. Songs connect us to God.

  1. Bullet    Give Voice - Docker.pdf

  2. Bullet    Song Of Naomi And Ruth.pdf                    

  3. Bullet    The Openshaw Jerusalem.pdf 

  4. Bullet    Towards the City - Docker.pdf                   

  5. Bullet    Wilderness Song - MWoods.pdf

  6. Bullet    You Are With Us.pdf

  7. Bullet    You Don't Need To Fear The Darkness.pdf