The idea of bad faith - or mauvaise foi - comes from the existentialist philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre. For Sartre, the responsibility of freedom, of free will is so awesome that for some people it is too much. Instead of accepting the responsibility of freedom - and living accordingly, making choices for which you are responsible, some people choose to act ‘inauthentically,’ to try to opt out of making choices.

You might summarise this as “Don’t vote, party!”

This, for us, is the meaning of temptation. It isn’t about eating the last cream cake or even what you choose to do in your bedroom. Rather it is the temptation to despair; to opt out of the task of living authentically.

And if none of that makes any sense to you - just read the prayers. They explain the concept better than I can - which ultimately is why Sartre wrote poetry and plays to express his philosophy.

  1. Bullet    Palm Sunday Euch.pdfEucharist

  2. Bullet    Temptation Blessing.pdfBlessing

  3. Bullet    Tempting Intercessions.pdfIntercessions

  4. Bullet    The Call Of The Temple.pdf Call to Worship