There are not many female images of God in the Bible. Even the word “Spirit” which is feminine in Greek is stripped of
its gender in English. God is imaged as “Father,” “Lord,” “Ruler,” “King,” “Warrier.” The best we can say of this is that it is a rather one-dimensional picture of the creator of all!

So the image of Wisdom - or Sophia - found, for example in Proverbs is a precious breath of fresh air. I like to imagine Sophia as the purple-wearing, disreputable old crone of Jenny Joseph’s poem. Which is why I illustrate this page with this photo of our beloved and much missed St Ida.

  1. Bullet    Spirit Of Freedom  Blessing.pdfBlessing

  2. Bullet    Wisdom Is Spun.pdfEucharist

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  4. Bullet    Wisdom's Blessing.pdfBlessing

  5. Bullet    Wisdom's Call.pdfCall to Worship

  6. Bullet    Wisdom's Eucharist.pdfEucharist

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