Without doubt, there is no faith. We have faith.
We are a people of faith. Consequently, we have doubt. Just as we want to reclaim the idea of darkness, so we want to reclaim doubt. Doubt steers us away from the arrogance and totalitarianism of certainty.

  1. Bullet    Birthed Into Chaos.pdfEucharist

  2. Bullet    Carpenter Who Teaches Us To Fish.pdf


  1. Bullet    Doubt And Explore.pdfCall to Worship

  2. Bullet    Easter How Can We.pdfOpening Prayer

  3. Bullet    Eucharist For Thomas.pdfEucharist

  4. Bullet    Fishing Eucharist.pdfEucharist

  5. Bullet    Golden Calf Blessing.pdfBlessing

  6. Bullet    Grumpy Old Church.pdfEucharist

  7. Bullet    I Wonder If God Exists.pdfOpening Prayer

  8. Bullet    I Wonder.pdf   Eucharist  

  9. Bullet    Invitation To Live.pdf Opening Prayer

  10. Bullet    Sinai Call.pdfCall to Worship

  11. Bullet    This Is My Son.pdfEucharist

  12. Bullet    Transcience.pdfOpening Prayer

  13. Bullet    Violet’s Opening Prayer.pdfOpening Prayer

  14. Bullet    What Did Jesus Say Eucharist.pdfEucharist

  15. Bullet    Where How What Why When.pdfCall to Worship

  16. Bullet    Wilderness Song - MWoods.pdf Song


Faith and Doubt