We have known Tilii for some time. Over the years she has become a good friend, although some of the lessons she has taught us have been painful ones.

We met Tilii again at the launch of Real Life Worship at Baptist Assembly, 2009 in Bournemouth.

Perhaps we should explain that Tilii is our acronym for “Telling It Like It Is.”

Worship matters. Worship is the human expression of our experience of God at work in the world in which we live.

But true worship must depict a real God at work in a real world. Too much Christian worship fails to do this. God is worshipped as ‘victor’ and ‘king’ in a world where God clearly does not reign. The very word ‘king’ is more likely to conjure up images of despotic rulers abusing absolute power than it is a benign big-eared architectural critic.

Our worship seeks honestly to reflect upon a God who is active in our real world. This is not everyone’s reality. Nor is it our reality all the time. Real life is multi-faceted and often contradictory. So is our worship.

  1. Bullet    24 7 News.pdfIntercession

  2. Bullet    A Blessing.pdfBlessing

  3. Bullet    Biblical Soap Opera.pdfEucharist

  4. Bullet    Dandelions Break Through Concrete.pdfOpening Prayer

  5. Bullet    Did Abram Moan.pdfOpening Prayer

  6. Bullet    Exclusive Eucharist.pdfEucharist

  7. Bullet    Give Voice - Docker.pdfSong

  8. Bullet    Graveyard Of Hopes.pdfPoem

  9. Bullet    Grumpy Call To Worship.pdfCall to Worship

  10. Bullet    Grumpy Old Church.pdfEucharist

  11. Bullet    I Wonder If God Exists.pdfOpening Prayer

  12. Bullet    Mark Cavendish.pdfOpening Prayer

  13. Bullet    Mustard Seed.pdf                                    Eucharist

  14. Bullet    Picnic Eucharist.pdfEucharist

  15. Bullet    Prayer Before An iPhone.pdfOpening Prayer

  16. Bullet    Real Life Worship.pdf                              Call to Worship

  17. Bullet    Ritual Busyness.pdfOpening Prayer

  18. Bullet    Snow In The Air.pdfEucharist

  19. Bullet    Song Of Songs For Openshaw.pdfPoem

  20. Bullet    Storytelling God.pdf                                 Call to Worship

  21. Bullet    The Openshaw Jerusalem.pdfSong

  22. Bullet    Where Christ is Still Tortured.pdfOpening Prayer/ Confession

  23. Bullet    Why Do We Come To Church.pdfCall to Worship

  24. Bullet    Why Worship.pdf                                     Call to Worship

  25. Bullet    Worshipping in Faith.pdf                          Call to Worship