If you were to analyse the content of most Christian
worship, you would quickly come to the conclusion that God is a powerful, white, male, heterosexual, militaristic king.

We don’t know many of them.

Living in Manchester we know people of many different faiths, nationalities, colours, genders, abilities, incomes, ages and sexualities. And we discover God in all of them - frequently in the most unexpected places.

  1. Bullet    7th July.pdf                                             Opening Prayer

  2. Bullet    Awards for all.pdf                                    Eucharist

  3. Bullet    Beauty Blessing.pdf                                Blessing

  4. Bullet    Beauty Eucharist.pdf                           Eucharist

  5. Bullet    Christmas Men.pdf                                 Eucharist

  6. Bullet    Creating God.pdf                                    Call to Worship

  7. Bullet    Diversity Blessing.pdf                           Blessing

  8. Bullet    Encompassing Prayer.pdf                      Call to Worship

  9. Bullet    Equality and Diversity.pdf                      Opening Prayer

  10. Bullet    Exclusive Eucharist.pdf                          Eucharist

  11. Bullet    Faith and Politics.pdf                         Opening Prayer

  12. Bullet    Freedom Blessing.pdf                     Blessing

  13. Bullet    Gather Us In.pdf                                    Call to Worship

  14. Bullet    Gentle God.pdf                                 Opening Prayer

  15. Bullet    Glastonbury Poemprayer.pdf            Opening Prayer

  16. Bullet    God's Presence Denied.pdf                  Confession

  17. Bullet    God Who Loves Us All.pdf                 Opening Prayer/ Confession

  18. Bullet    Harvest Around The World.pdf             Call to Worship

  19. Bullet    Hippie Blessing.pdf                               Blessing

  20. Bullet    Imagine.pdf                                           Opening Prayer

  21. Bullet    Invitation To The Feast.pdf                   Opening Prayer

  22. Bullet    Isaac's Prayer.pdfCall to Worship/ Opening Prayer

  23. Bullet    Pentecost Call To Diversity.pdf        Call to Worship

  24. Bullet    People We Encounter.pdf                     Intercession

  25. Bullet    Rainbow God.pdf                                  Opening Prayer

  26. Bullet    Real Life Worship.pdf                           Call to Worship

  27. Bullet    Seaside God.pdf                                  Opening Prayer

  28. Bullet    Spirit Of the Four Winds.pdf                 Opening Prayer

  29. Bullet    Three Wise Hippies.pdf                        Eucharist

  30. Bullet    UE Communion.pdf        Eucharist

  31. Bullet    Unlikely Heroes.pdfCall to Worship

  32. Bullet    Unsung Heroes.pdfOpening Prayer

  33. Bullet    You're Worth It Blessing.pdf                Blessing


Celebrating Diversity