Community is a word much loved by government. We have Community Safety Strategies; we have a New Deal for Communities; we even have a Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government. But nobody seems to be able to tell us what exactly a community is. “Community Spirit” is used to conjure up images of street parties to celebrate the Queen’s Silver Jubilee - or cheerful Cockneys huddled together in air-raid shelters during the Blitz. Our “community” has some of the highest crime rates in the country. Out of the 760 houses on the estate, around half are boarded up. Many others are empty and the few that do have tenants are filled with recent migrants who have been “dumped” here by our caring Home Office Immigration department in an deliberate attempt to ‘encourage’ them to leave again.

What does it mean to live together as a community?

What does it mean to be the Body of Christ?

  1. Bullet    10 simple rules.pdf Opening Prayer

  2. Bullet    A New Song.pdfOpening Prayer

  3. Bullet    Accountability Blessing.pdf    Blessing

  4. Bullet    Accountability Call.pdf    Call to Worship

  5. Bullet    Adopted Family.pdfOpening/ Intercessory Prayer

  6. Bullet    All Age Penguins Eucharist.pdfEucharist

  7. Bullet    Angels.pdfOpening Prayer

  8. Bullet    Beautiful Neighbourhood.pdfOpening Prayer

  9. Bullet    Biblical Soap Opera.pdfEucharist

  10. Bullet    Blackpool Call to Worship.pdfCall to Worship

  11. Bullet    Bless Our Doubt.pdfBlessing

  12. Bullet    Blessing For The Journey.pdfBlessing

  13. Bullet    Both And.pdfOpening Prayer

  14. Bullet    Bread Not Stone.pdfBlessing

  15. Bullet    Call Of Christ.pdf    Call to Worship

  16. Bullet    Call To Speak.pdfCall to Worship

  17. Bullet    Carry Out Eucharist.pdfEucharist

  18. Bullet    Celebrating the Ordinary.pdfOpening Prayer

  19. Bullet    Changing The World Blessing.pdf Blessing

  20. Bullet    Changing The World Eucharist.pdfEucharist

  21. Bullet    Child Centred Eucharist.pdfEucharist

  22. Bullet    Clearing Out The Clutter.pdfEucharist

  23. Bullet    Clearing The Clutter Blessing.pdfBlessing

  24. Bullet    Community Gathering.pdfCall to Worship

  25. Bullet    Compulsory Purchase Prayer.pdfOpening Prayer

  26. Bullet    Creating God.pdfCall to Worship

  27. Bullet    David's Garden.pdfOpening Prayer/ Reflection

  28. Bullet    Did Abram Moan.pdfOpening Prayer

  29. Bullet    Easter Alleluia.pdfCall to Worship

  30. Bullet    Entrusting.pdfBlessing

  31. Bullet    Everyday Miracles.pdfOpening Prayer

  32. Bullet    Excuses.pdfCall to Worship

  33. Bullet    Fifteen Minutes.pdfEucharist

  34. Bullet    Finding Our Voice Blessing.pdfBlessing

  35. Bullet    Freedom Blessing.pdfBlessing

  36. Bullet    Gather Us In.pdfCall to Worship

  37. Bullet    Gentle God.pdfOpening Prayer

  38. Bullet    Good Samaritan Blessing.pdfBlessing

  39. Bullet    Growing Up.pdfEucharist

  40. Bullet    Grumpy Call To Worship.pdfCall to Worship

  41. Bullet    Heart, Soul, Mind.pdfCall to Worship/ Intercession

  42. Bullet    Hem Of His Garment.pdfEucharist

  43. Bullet    Here And Now.pdfCall to Worship

  44. Bullet    Home.pdfOpening Prayer

  45. Bullet    How Can We Claim.pdfOpening Prayer

  46. Bullet    I Want.pdfIntercession

  47. Bullet    Joel's Exodus.pdfCall to Worship

  48. Bullet    Lost Sheep.pdfCall to Worship

  49. Bullet    Lost.pdfCall to Worship

  50. Bullet    Longing For Home Blessing.pdfBlessing

  51. Bullet    March Of The Penguins.pdfCall to Worship

  52. Bullet    Marjorie's Call.pdfCall to Worship

  53. Bullet    Mother's Day.pdfEucharist

  54. Bullet    Mustard Seed.pdfEucharist

  55. Bullet    The Network Eucharist.pdfEucharist

  56. Bullet    North, South, East, West.pdfOpening Prayer

  57. Bullet    One Story.pdfEucharist

  58. Bullet    Prayer For Our Taxes.pdfOpening Prayer

  59. Bullet    Real Life Worship.pdfCall to Worship

  60. Bullet    Ritual Busyness.pdfOpening Prayer

  61. Bullet    Roll Up Roll Up.pdfCall to Worship

  62. Bullet    Ruth And Naomi Prayer Activity.pdfPrayer Activity

  63. Bullet    Sarahs Family Tree.pdfCall to Worship

  64. Bullet    Seeds.pdf Eucharist

  65. Bullet    Spring Welcome.pdfOpening Prayer

  66. Bullet    St Idas Blessing.pdfBlessing

  67. Bullet    The Day Of The Lord.pdfEucharist

  68. Bullet    The Good Samaritan.pdf    Opening Prayer

  69. Bullet    The Rain.pdfEucharist

  70. Bullet    The Smile On God's Face.pdfBlessing

  71. Bullet    The week we have had.pdfCall to Worship

  72. Bullet    Towards the City - Docker.pdf    Song

  73. Bullet    UE Communion.pdfEucharist

  74. Bullet    Urban Celebration.pdfEucharist

  75. Bullet    Valentine's Day.pdfCall to Worship

  76. Bullet    Valentine's Prayer.pdfIntercession

  77. Bullet    Visions Of Heaven Blessing.pdfBlessing

  78. Bullet    Wall Confession.pdfConfession

  79. Bullet    We Are Not Alone.pdfCall to Worship

  80. Bullet    What Can I Give.pdfEucharist

  81. Bullet    Who Is My Neighbour.pdfEucharist

  82. Bullet    Why Do We Come To Church.pdfCall to Worship

  83. Bullet    You Shall Not Confessioin.pdfConfession


Life in Community