We use certain prayers at certain times in public worship. You may be looking for a prayer to use at a eucharistic celebration, or wanting to end a service with a particular kind of blessing.

Here we categorise our prayers according to the ways we have used them.

You are not tied to using them that way. It’s just the way we use them.

  1. Bullet    Blessing

  2. Bullet    Confession

  3. Bullet    Call to Worship

  4. Bullet    Eucharist

  5. Bullet    Intercession

  6. Bullet    Litany

  7. Bullet    Opening Prayer

  8. Bullet    Poetry

  9. Bullet    Prayer Activities

  10. Bullet    Reflections

  11. Bullet    Reflections on Novels, TV & Music

  12. Bullet    Songs

  13. Bullet    Storytelling