How often have you sat and wondered where you could find
a prayer which celebrated the doctrine of transubstantiation? Sadly, you’re unlikely to find one here, but if you were looking for prayers which reflect the playful nature of God, or which try to re-claim darkness, then you have come to the right place.

We have sorted our prayers according to the themes which we think they cover. You might disagree. You might want to use a prayer to look at a completely different theme. We have simply sorted them this way to try to help you to find your way around them. Please use them any way you want.

  1. Bullet    Celebrating Diversity

  2. Bullet    Celtic & Native American

  3. Bullet    Creation

  4. Bullet    Crucifixion and Resurrection

  5. Bullet    Faith and Doubt

  6. Bullet    Hope

  7. Bullet    Images of God

  8. Bullet    Journeying

  9. Bullet    Justice, Peace and the Integrity of Creation

  10. Bullet    Life in Community

  11. Bullet    Light and Dark

  12. Bullet    Living and Dying

  13. Bullet    Music and Dance

  14. Bullet    Playfulness

  15. Bullet    Politics

  16. Bullet    Protection

  17. Bullet    Reconciliation

  18. Bullet    Retreat

  19. Bullet    Seeing

  20. Bullet    Temptation

  21. Bullet    Tilii - Telling It Like It Is

  22. Bullet    Wisdom